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Replaced iPad Follow Up

Readers of our blog may recall that a couple of weeks ago my iPad was replaced free of charge by Apple after I dropped it. I was contacted by a couple of friends and contacts who had experienced similar stand out levels of customer service by Apple and by other hardware manufacturers over the years. Two things that are certain is that my experience was not an isolated event, and that when it has occurred in the past it has led to a lifetime customer loyalty.

Shortly after the incident I was contacted by Apple’s Customer Service team to enquire about my experiences. I was sent an invite to complete an online survey. Obviously I was happy to give a glowing report.

The last set of questions invited additional comment. I was amused by the subsequent question which asked for clarification on how that statement should be intepreted.

Successful completion of the survey resulted in some “juicy feedback” which is something our development team like.

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Author: Paul Saunders

Conduce featured in AircraftIT eJournal

Conduce have featured in the latest issues of both the AircraftIT Operations and MRO eJournals. Conduce Software have been mentioned in the news sections of both publications due to the release of the AircraftIT iPad app. Paul Saunders has also had a White Paper published in the Operations eJournal. The White paper titled
“Tablets in Flight Operations” includes some of the latest thinking and innovations regarding the use of iPads and other tablet computers on board aircraft.
The third issue of both journals are available for download now on the AircraftIT website.
Click here for the Operations eJournal.
Click here for the MRO eJournal.

AircraftIT have also approved the development of the next version of the AircraftIT iPad app which will be available on the iTunes app store very soon.

Flight Ops Conference Presentation Sneak Peek

Here’s a sneak peek at a couple of the slides I’ll be using at in my Keynote Presentation at the 5th Annual Flight Ops Conference at London Heathrow on the 30th November 2011.

I had agreed earlier this year to speak at this conference for the first time without really knowing what my presentation was going to be about. It was suggested I should do “something about iPads”, but thats a pretty big topic and had covered quite a lot of areas in recent talks at the Airline & Aerospace MRO & Operations IT Conferences also organised by the folks at Aircraft Commerce. I definitely wanted to do something new in terms of content and had been thinking about a slightly different presentation style and a different presentation platform.

I’ve been using a combination of MS PowerPoint 2010 and GoodReader for iPad for doing my iPad presentations, and was primed for a change. I’ve been thinking about using Prezi for quite a while especially since they launched their iPad app which allows for offline viewing and presenting. However I haven’t quite got my head around the huge departure in presentation design that would be required. Besides I’ve seen a few presentations using Prezi lately, so the impact wouldn’t be quite so…. “surprising”.

I’ve decided to use Keynote for iPad as my presentation platform – although having said that I’ve still prepared my slides using PowerPoint and have converted them onto Keynote. I’ve opted for a slightly more refined version of the design style I’ve already used to good effect.

The title I’ve chosen is “Are we there yet? Realising the Potential for Tablets in Aviation”.

I’ve decided on this title and analogy because I’ve noticed that we’re now entering a phase that I predicted in earlier presentations where some of the problems associated with using iPads in an enterprise environment are beginning to be noticed. Tablet implementation projects seem to be resembling long car journeys where users, IT departments, software vendors and executives are spending a lot of time whining about the problems….

In previous presentations I’ve drawn graphs live on my iPad using sketching apps as if it was a white board to help me to illustrate a point. This time round I’ve prepared some nice graphics in advance to help explain a theory. This is mainly because I’ve found that some of my drawn graphics are pretty wonky looking and, in any case, I tend to struggle to talk at the same time as drawing.

I’m presenting at 0900 on Day Two of the conference. As usual my presentation slides and any other interesting coverage will be on the blog and my Slideshare page just as soon after the event as possible.

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Author: Paul Saunders

More yBoard Alpha Testing Fun

Avid followers of our blog may recall that Marcin and I have a little pet project that we are working on called yBoard (pronounced “why-board”). Its an iPad app that allows you to place and move notes on large plain white canvas. We have done a bit more work at weekends and evenings since the last update and now have the ability to add and edit text, remove notes as well as panning and zooming around the canvas. Its still a long way off from being a polished app that we would be prepared to put on the iTunes app store, but its ready to be shown to anyone who might be interested. We’ve had some nice feedback and suggestions for features from the people we’ve shown it to. I think we’ve decided we’re going to work on it properly once we’ve completed a couple of customer projects we’re currently working on.

Here’s a couple of screen shots as a little taster.

Marcin was getting ready for a meeting with a prospective client earlier this week and decided to make his preparation notes in yBoard. Here are the results:

He later tweeted: “I’m amazed how much I need that tool :D”

I decided the yBoard app logo should be made with the yBoard itself. Here’s my first attempt.

We’ve decided that the first version needs to allow boards to be saved and exported and would like multiple users to collaborate on a single board… more news once we start work on it properly. Please get in touch if you have any suggestions or practical applications for yBoard. We’d love to hear your ideas.

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Author: Paul Saunders

Singapore Conference Photos

Here are some photos taken during my visit to the Aircraft Commerce Airline & Aerospace MRO & Operations IT Conference ASIA/Pacific in Singapore last month. All photos were taken on mobile phones so apologies for dodgy image quality.

Sharhabeel Lone of SAKS Consulting gets proceedings underway on Day One with his regular keynote.

Here’s me about to start my tablet business workshop presentation. Thanks to conference organiser Ed Haskey for the photo.

Day One was wrapped up with an MRO Software vendor panel discussion. Here our friend, Aerosoft’s CEO Thanos Kaponeridis takes to mic looking ready for a feisty debate or a maybe just glass of red wine.

Day Two begins with my keynote presentation about the use of tablets and iPads in aviation. Thanks to Andrew Egan for the photo.

Andrew Egan of EasyJet delivers his case study about how EasyJet are using AerData’s EFPAC software to optimise engine shop visits.

Proof that my Tablet Strategy Bootcamp presentation actually made it to the front page of Slideshare. This is the notification email I received. So far I’ve had over 31000 views.

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Author: Paul Saunders

Lufthansa Technik Tech Talk

This week I’ve been working in Hamburg in northern Germany at Lufthansa Technik the MRO division of German flag carrier Lufthansa. I was invited over there to help advise on information mobility strategy and whilst on site I gave a Tech Talk to their IT team on my thoughts on the use of tablet devices in aviation. I was asked to speak for 60-90 minutes and give a bit of a mash-up of both presentations which I did at the recent Airline & Aerospace MRO & Operations IT Conference in Singapore.

The IT team try and arrange for Tech Talks to be given by external people several times a year, but this was the first time that such a talk was given in English as my German certainly isn’t up to much these days other than allowing me to checking in to a hotel or order a beer (badly). However my audience were very welcoming and I was given a very friendly and eager reception. I did get very nervous at the beginning that my host who organised the Tech Talk had perhaps over egged the internal marketing somewhat as the turn out was much better than normal events. However I’d like to think that they came for the subject matter, but stayed for the content (and free drinks).

Here are the slides. Enjoy!

Lufthansa Technik TECH TALK

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Author: Paul Saunders

Paul Saunders to present at the 5th Annual Flight Operations Conference

Conduce Consulting’s Paul Saunders will be appearing at the Aircraft Commerce 5th Annual Flight Operations Conference on the 30th November 2011. Paul is a veteran speaker at the Aircraft Commerce Airline & Aerospace MRO & Operations IT Conferences, but this will be the first time that he will have presented at the world’s only event that focuses wholly on the key, strategic issues that effect the operating of commercial aircraft.

Paul’s highly anticipated talk on the use of tablet devices, such as the Apple iPad, on the aircraft flight deck will be kicking off the day’s events on the second day of the conference which this year is being held at the Park Inn Hotel at London Heathrow Airport on the 29th and 30th of November 2011.

For more information about the 5th Annual Flight Operations Conference please visit the Aircraft Commerce website conference page.

To find out more about our forthcoming speaking appearances or to see content and details of recent appearance please visit our presentations page or contact us to enquire about one of our team speaking at your event.

AircraftIT for iPad reaches 1000 download milestone

Less than a month since the launch of the first version of AircraftIT for iPad on the iTunes App Store we have reached the 1000 download milestone. The thousandth download occured earlier this week and is rapidly approaching the 1200 mark. Bearing in mind that our client Aircraft Commerce have not yet managed to start their marketing campaign for this app this is a rather satisfying achievement.

AircraftIT for iPad, is available as a FREE download on the iTunes App Store. Keep an eye out for the next version of AircraftIT with new content and features coming very soon. Preview AircraftIT for iPad here

Please contact us for information about Conduce Software’s bespoke iOS development services.

Cloud over Nuneaton

Some time ago I wrote a post about our Office 365 Cloud Services.  Office 365’s great for it’s purpose but we often find that clients have a need for cloud services in addition to those that Office 365 brings such as hosting Line Of Business applications, hosting web applications and hosting just about anything else that fits the cloud model better.

Now; whilst it’s very easy to go out and purchase a subscription to a cloud service, all you need is a credit card and fingers, it can be a little trickier to migrate to these services.  All too often the planning phase comes after the purchase and it’s then a rush to make best use of this expenditure.

We’d encourage you to take advantage of our experience and knowledge in the field of Cloud Computing, Cloud Hosting and Cloud Services and read our page on these.  If your business would like to discuss how any of these services may benefit you then please get in touch via the contact form or enquire about the service.

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