I’ve recently signed up to a Slideshare PRO account. I use Slideshare quite a lot for hosting my presentations and for keeping up with latest presentation design trends, so when I was offered a free 30 day trial I took the leap and signed up. For £19 a month I get an ad free experience, full analytics of my content, video hosting and a few other nice add-ons. If you are a Slideshare power user like I am then its a pretty good deal. I plan on doing a full review of the Slideshare PRO upgrade very soon.

I finally got round to testing the video hosting yesterday. I normally use Vimeo for hosting video, but the terms of Vimeo hosting does say that commercial hosting is not allowed, so I had been thinking about another solution, so thought I’d give Slideshare a go. I uploaded a demo video I made a few weeks ago for our new iPad app YBoard. Its a pretty amateur production which I filmed (poorly) on my iPhone and edited with iMovie on the iPad. It was never meaant as a viral video more of a means to demonstrate the features of YBoard and practising my limited video editing skills. However within a few minutes of uploading to Slideshare my video had several hundred hits. It got bumped up to being featured on the Slideshare home page under the “Top PRO Content” section. Nice one – here it is:YBoard Demo

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I was impressed by how quickly the video was converted compared to how long it takes on Vimeo, Facebook and YouTube. It was ready for viewing only moments after uploading. The video runs on Flash which means it won’t work on iPad or iPhone which is a shame as I know Slideshare have done a lot of work converting the presentations from being rendered in Flash to HTML5. Videos have obviously not had the same conversion yet.

A couple of hours later I got an email from Slideshare:

The slides that I uploaded back in December on how to make it to the front page of Slideshare had been featured on the front page. So now I had two pieces of content on the front page at the same time. That’s a first for me.

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Author: Paul Saunders