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SmartLynx Airlines Obtain approval for eTechLog8 in Latvia and Estonia

SmartLynx Airlines moves further toward Full Paperless Operations

SmartLynx Airlines is pleased to announce that it has obtained Latvian and Estonian CAA approval for eTechLog8 as provided by Conduce Group Limited to totally replace its current paper based aircraft technical log procedure with this fully electronic solution.

The eTechLog8 application uses the Panasonic ToughPad FZ-G1 hardware and eliminates the paper technical log. eTechLog8 is an aircraft centric solution that contains all the required functionality on the device so that is can be routinely used offline when required.

SmartLynx have adopted a single instance of eTechLog8 to fully manage their multi AOC fleet of aircraft. This ensures that common company processes and procedures can be adopted for both AOCs.

eTechLog8 has also been integrated with SmartLynx’s CAMO system, Commsoft OASES, giving real time data availability and reduced administration costs by updating the aircraft records automatically whilst at the same time significantly reducing errors and delays that may occur with manual data entry.

Paul Boyd, Managing Director, Conduce Group – “The project team at SmartLynx have achieved a significant breakthrough in the adoption of eTechLog8 with its multi-AOC and multi-NAA approval for their continued paperless operations in the cockpit and on the ground.”

Olga Arbatska, Engineering Manager, SmartLynx – “Following extensive market evaluation and the completion of the flight trials of eTechLog8 we are convinced that the live integrated eTechLog8 application will significantly improve our CAMO activities by giving real time updates on WO completion and defect opening and closing. Having access to real time aircraft status information will allow us to be more proactive in managing fleet airworthiness, reducing errors and unscheduled aircraft downtime. The eTechLog8 is a great addition to our Electronic Flight Bag which has been in operation for over two years.”About Conduce Group Limited

Conduce Group, supported by business owners with over 30 years of aviation software development services, was established in 2009 to provide modern and robust mobile digitisation software solutions for the aviation industry. eTechLog8 is the industry leading solution to replace the paper TLPs and is one of a suite of mobile applications that replace range paper systems currently in use with many airlines. eTechLog8 is now certified for operational use by several regulatory authorities with the capability to manage multiple AOC operations in a single software instance along with full integration into several airline ERP/MRO systems. (

About SmartLynx Airlines

SmartLynx Airlines specialises in full ACMI (Aircraft-Crew-Maintenance-Insurance) or wet lease service operating Airbus A320/321 aircraft, and is the leading ACMI provider in EU on Airbus A320 aircraft. Airline also ensures full charter operations for its home markets in Latvia and Estonia, predominantly in the leisure market. It also performs flight crew trainings – SmartLynx ATO is a leading approved airline pilot training company in the Baltic States providing type rating courses for Airbus A320 series. (

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Conduce Presents eTechLog8 at the Aviation & Transport Innovation Summit

Conduce will be presenting its Windows 10 eTechLog8 application at the Panasonic ATIS event in Rome on 12th October 2016.

There will be live system demonstrations in addition to a recent customer case study presentation on the adoption of eTechLog8 into their airline operations.  Click on the link below and register to attend this prestigious industry event to learn more about Conduce and its range of aviation mobile applications.



Etihad Regional Selects eTechLog8

Etihad Regional Logo

Conduce is pleased to announce that its eTechLog8 software, along with the associated suite of companion applications, have been chosen by Etihad Regional, operated by Darwin Airline of Lugano, Switzerland.

Etihad Regional have selected the Panasonic ToughPad FZ-G1 as the cockpit device for eTechLog8 and the integrated eCabinLog8 application will also utilise the FZ-G1 devices.  The project will fully eliminate the paper Technical Log, Deferred Defect Log and Cabin Defect Log when fully adopted.  The solution is a Windows 8.1/10 IoT native application, allowing it to be routinely used offline and only requiring an internet connection to transmit data when appropriate. A fully functioning web application back end (eCentral8) is used to configure the system and monitor/manage all line maintenance activities for the fleet. eTechLog8 has been built around SPEC 2000 and complies with the regulatory requirements as presented in EASA AMC 20-25 and FAA AC120-76C.  Adoption of the eTechLog8 solution brings many benefits to the airline including significantly increased data accuracy, more immediate access to the data across the business, and integration of data with the airline back office ERP systems.

Paul Boyd, Managing Director – Conduce, stated that “The selection of eTechLog8 by Etihad Regional shows how comprehensive the solution is in meeting the requirements of the various regulatory authorities.  Conduce provide a full turnkey solution to the customer as well as providing total 24/7 first line product support to the airline.”

Klemen Kete, Head of Quality Management – Etihad Regional, commented that “the objective to remove the paper aircraft technical logbooks and replacing them with a robust and proven electronic solution should be a top priority for any airline as the business benefits are significant.  We selected Conduce because of their expertise in this area and because of the in-built flexibility of the solution to meet our requirements both today and for tomorrow.”

About Conduce Group Limited

Conduce Group, in its current form, was established in 2009 to bring together its software development and consultancy service businesses into a single organisation.  The company specialises in providing software development and consultancy services for the aviation industry. Conduce emphasise the development of true cutting edge mobile applications.  Conduce benefits from being comprised of key individuals with previous senior roles in the aviation sector.


About Etihad Regional

Etihad Regional is the new European brand operated by Switzerland’s leading regional carrier, Darwin Airline, founded in 2003.  Etihad Regional, a full service airline, currently operates with a fleet of six 50-seat Saab 2000 turboprop aircraft and four 68-seat ATR 72-500s, serving several destinations in four European countries: Switzerland, France, Italy, and Spain. Besides serving a range of key secondary cities in Europe, Etihad Regional also offers international destinations around the world through its 33.3 per cent shareholding equity and codeshare partner, Etihad Airways.


Aircraft IT Webinar by Conduce – eTechLog8

Conduce will be presenting an online demonstration of its eTechLog8 software solution on January 28th 2016 with sessions at 07:00 and 15:00 GMT.  Please use the link below to register your interest in attending this webinar.  We will explore not only the functionality of the mobile application but we will also look at the business justification for airlines replacing their current paper technical log processes with an electronic solution.

eTechLog8 Home ScreeneTechLog8 Flight Sign Off


SmartLynx selects Conduce eTechLog8

SmartLynx Logo

Conduce Group Limited is pleased to announce that it has partnered with SmartLynx Airlines to carry out field trials of the Conduce eTechLog8 software application. The eTechLog8 application uses tough-pad or tablet hardware and eliminates the paper technical log when fully adopted. The solution has all the required tech log book functionalities on the device and is supported by a fully functioning web application back end to manage all line maintenance activities for the aircraft whilst in operational service.

Download the Full Press Release

Questions you should ask your electronic techlog vendor

Electronic Techlogs (ETLs) or Electronic Logbooks (ELBs) seem to be flavour of the month at the moment. At the recent Aircraft Commerce Airline & Aerospace MRO & Operations IT Conference in Heathrow we were inundated with requests for demonstrations and enquiries regarding our solution. We were not the only provider exhibiting, but certainly our solution is probably the most mature and heavily used system that was being demonstrated at the show. It strikes me that there is a lot of interest coming from operators and MROs regarding electronic techlogs and there are a lot of providers who are offering solutions (or working on one), but there is still a major shortfall in live, working systems. Buyer beware! There is a significant effort to take a proof of concept to a practical solution – don’t under estimate the effort required to get your paperless techlog procedures approved and flying. In order to provide some insight to what goes in to running a paperless techlog airline I’ve prepared some questions you should consider asking your potential vendor.

How many aircraft are flying with your solution?
There are a number of great looking systems available from reputable providers which on the surface seem to be off the shelf ready for use electronic techlog solutions. However the reality may be that system is undertaking limited trials with one or two aircraft, or even not flying at all. In my opinion an extended trial of several years in 3 aircraft for a major carrier does not represent a working solution. Why has the solution not already been adopted across the entire fleet? Admittedly every system has teething problems – ours included, but if a system has been on trial already for several years, how much more effort and investment is required to achieve tipping point. Our electronic techlog is used on board all Thomas Cook UK aircraft in a mixed fleet of 31 aircraft as has been the case since we took over the contract 12 months ago.

How many sectors are flown with your system?
A trial solution may not be in permanent use or may be only used on certain sectors or at certain destinations. A mature solution like ours will be in permanent use on all aircraft on all routes regardless of destination or operational constraints. Our system has successfully transmitted over 30,000 sectors from dozens of destinations in the past 12 months.


This is what 30000 sectors looks like when overlaid on a map of the world. Blue dots show destinations with 100% transmission reliability, whilst traffic light colours show airports that have had issues with comms.

What procedures are in place in case of poor comms?
Although it is true that mobile communication networks are becoming more and more sophisticated and ubiquitous, there are still a significant number of challenges with running any kind of mobile IT system in areas outside of your own control. Connecting to your servers from your own hangar or your base airport is one thing, but achieving this 100% of the time from far flung parts is the world is something that cannot be relied upon. It is our belief that mobile applications for aviation need to work natively in an offline mode and only connect during synchronization or transmission mode. In the case of an electronic techlog your procedures need to reflect this and provide a backup solution when a transmission is not possible. UK regulations dictate that the techlog needs to be “left on the ground”. A successful transmission satisfies this requirement, but if a transmission is not successful then an alternative is required. Our procedure is to connect a printer and leave a printed copy on the ground. In the very rare occasion that this fails then a stand by paper techlog is used. If the hardware device that the electronic techlog is running on should fail, what procedures are in place to restore the techlog on another device? Our solution involves the local client database being mirrored onto an SD memory card, which if removed will disable the software on the host device and when inserted into an alternative device will automatically promote that unit to the electronic techlog.

In all my years working with mission critical software I have learnt that procedures are way more important than lines of code. The electronic techlog is no exception, and with such a heavily regulated system the procedures that you and your vendor have in place to allow you to migrate to a paperless techlog are doubly important. If you would like to find out more about the Conduce electronic techlog solution, please get in touch to request a demonstration.

[SLIDES] Whatever happened to eTechlogs?

Here are the slides from my presentation on etechlogs from the Aircraft Commerce Airline & Aerospace MRO & Operations IT Conference on 20th March 2013.

I gave a case study on the pros and cons of implementing and using an electronic techlog which some people may call and electronic logbook or journey log.

Author: Paul Saunders

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[SLIDES] The Crazy World of Aviation IT

Earlier today I presented at the Panasonic Mobility Forum which saw the launch of their new Windows 8 devices. More on those another time, but for now here are my slides.

I was asked to present on the current state of tablet technologies in aerospace and the impact the iPad has had on the consumerization of aviation IT. The presentation went down very well but there were one or two grumpy looking old school Panasonic executives.

Author: Paul Saunders

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