1.    Security
How secure is your fax line? Most fax machines are in a communal location: How secure is the receiving fax in tray? How secure is the sending machine’s memory? Answer to all 3: Not very.

2.    They are dog
The argument that a fax is quicker than an email doesn’t add up. 10 years ago maybe when we were all using 33K dial up.  They are so time consuming. How much time does it take to send a fax?  Assuming you know how to use the device, and you have no problems its still a very time consuming process.

3.    Questionable Reliability

When was the last time you phoned an email recipient to check they received your message?

4.    People under the age of 30 don’t know how to use them

5.    Things have moved on since 1999
If the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” analogy were to be used with other technology we’d all be using AOL dial up, CRT monitors and you’d be looking at this website in a blue comic sans font on a yellow back ground and there’d be a dancing baby somewhere on the page.

6.    Poor image quality
Q: What’s the maximum resolution and colour compatibility? A: Not enough!!

7.    Receiver not Ready

Engaged tones, answer phones and recipients answering the phone to an incoming fax… all designed to make the user experience that little bit more annoying.

8.    Cost
Don’t forget you need to fork out for hardware in a fixed location at each end, consumables, paper, ink toner, phone lines, send & receive charges, International charges!!

9.    Paper jams!!

10.    They are butt ugly

I mean just look at them for crying out loud.  How many buttons do they need??