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Conduce Software will be exhibiting at the Airline & Aerospace MRO & Operations IT Conference – Asia/Pacific In Singapore on the 26th & 27th October 2010.


Conduce Software will be launching their latest Software-as-a-Service products at the exhibition and will also be presenting in the main conference hall.


The world’s leading aviation IT conference and exhibition for MRO and Operations software solutions returns to the Asia/Pacific region for 2010  The conference has been running with great success in the EMEA, Asia/Pacific and Americas zones for the past 4 years and has successfully brought together the IT vendors with the airlines and MROs of the region.


The conference is a great opportunity to see the latest developments in aviation MRO software, airline operations software and business systems to help increase operational efficiency as well as reduce costs. Whether you are an airline, MRO, operator or aviation consultant, this event is a one-stop solution to your needs.

click here to access the Conference website

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Great companies are built by great people, and there are great companies in every part of the world.

Small and medium companies need a higher proportion of great people to succeed. When you are building a great company you take the time to pick and choose the very best people. It doesn’t matter where they are in the world, you give them the responsibility and resources to do what you hired them for. These are people companies.

Or are you a places company? You build a business in a location, a location chosen for really good reasons. Perhaps it is because most of your customer base is in that location, perhaps it is because it’s the latest outsourcing capital of the world or maybe it is because you have a huge pool of cheap labour. This is a places company.

Does it matter what type of company you are? I think it does.

If you are a people company, you are flexible and agile. You need great people but you can work with those great people wherever they are in the world, technology and communications make that simple nowadays. Your reason for choosing people is always the same.

If you are a place company, you are tied to a location. Building a company around you customer base’s location limits your growth. Business rules and regulations in your outsourcing capital of the world can change, political and social changes can affect your business. Your once cheap pool of labour might become more expensive. To be flexible and agile means moving your whole business, which is neither flexible or agile. Your reason for choosing a place will always be susceptible to change.

Be a people company, employ the very best people, wherever they are in the world.

Author : Wayne Enis

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Perhaps I’ve a really short attention span, but I find most business, management and leadership books have a habit of rendering me comatose. In reality, it is probably the inane concepts that often bear little relationship to the business world that I live in; and I firmly believe that is the same world that you live in to.

However, a few months ago, Paul bought a business book called REWORK, written by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson. Paul was raving about it and it was passed around the office; skilfully I dodged the book at every opportunity, until I was eventually forced to take it as reading material on a long flight.

REWORK is not your average business book. There are no huge words, no fancy graphs or charts (though there are some fun pictures) and you don’t require an MBA to understand the topics. You can pick the book up and read any chapter, in any order and it all makes sense.

I’d thoroughly recommend the book to anyone that wants a simple to read, simple to understand book.

Click here for the REWORK website.
Click here for the 37signals website.

Author : Wayne Enis

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I was recently attempting to explain some of the different software development methodoligies to a new customer. They had experienced a couple of failed projects at previous companies and were keen not to make the same mistakes. We were espousing an Agile approach, or more specifically an approach using Scrum, one of several agile methodologies out there. To try and help with the explanation, I came across this video that really succintly explains Scrum, what it is and how it works.

Here it is, let me know if it helps.

Click here for more information about Conduce Software.
For information about Axosoft, the producers of the video, click here.

Author : Wayne Enis

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Conduce Group and Mackenzie Morgan Aerospace Consultants have forged a new commercial partnership to provide innovative professional services bridging the gap between business strategy and information technology.

After a number of successful joint projects, the formalities of preparing a Memorandum of Understanding between the two companies was a relatively straight forward step to take as the mutual benefits of joining forces were plain to see.  Both companies fall firmly into the small business category and both share a similar business ethos to provide cost effective solutions using innovative and cutting edge technologies and practises.

Malcolm Cox, Mackenzie Morgan Managing Director

“Our capabilities dovetail perfectly with just enough overlap to understand each other’s areas of expertise, but not too much so that we would never step on each other’s toes.  An MOU between our companies adds value to each of our offerings providing a unique opportunity to provide end-to-end services to a whole raft of potential projects.”

A number of joint projects are already in the pipeline with Mackenzie Morgan agreeing to carry out pilot studies and beta tests for a range of Conduce Software products; and Conduce providing technical assistance for a variety of Mackenzie Morgan client projects.

Steve Russell, Conduce Group CEO

“This partnership adds further credentials and capabilities to our Aerospace specific solutions; and our unrivalled aerospace IT expertise brings a new technological dimension to services provided by Mackenzie Morgan.  The added value that each party brings to this partnership ensures seamless collaboration between our companies which to our customers will appear to be provided by one unified organisation.”

The partnership comes into immediate effect with Mackenzie Morgan already acting as an affiliate for Conduce’s new eoffice2go application which was first developed for Mackenzie Morgan as part of their unique Virtual Office of Airworthiness earlier this year.

About Mackenzie Morgan
Mackenzie Morgan recognises that the aviation industry is extremely price sensitive, and margins can be very slim and can draw on expertise gained from some of the most well-known and respected companies in the aviation sector. Their proficiency has been gained at the forefront of the provision of outsourced engineering and maintenance services to low-cost and government operators.

We have always taken the decisions that are required for the success of the organisation, not all the decisions will be popular; we will tell you what you need to know, not necessarily what you want to hear. All our senior members of the operational team have, or currently hold on behalf of clients EASA Form 4s for airworthiness management, as airworthiness review signatories, quality management, aircraft maintenance and design.

We pride ourselves in the innovative approach we take to the delivery of all services, we will fully utilise current technology, without the need for expensive fixed operations; all documentation and supporting data is available at all times through Mackenzie Morgan’s dedicated IT resources through personalised logons.

About Conduce Group
The Conduce Group is an IT & business services organization dedicated to providing first-class professional services in an ever changing business climate. Through our IT Services, Consulting & Software divisions the Conduce Group can cater for all of your IT & business services requirements; and with the recent acquisition of Dreamscape Design our web & print design capability has been further strengthened.

Providing innovative, yet pragmatic solutions for all of your business needs, in an integrated manner, is now a real possibility for enterprises of all sizes.

Click the link below to download the Mackenzie Morgan Press Release

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Conduce Group is very proud to announce that today we have achieved Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status.  Through a combination of professional qualifications and customer satisfaction results the necessary pre-requisites for this achievement were met this afternoon after a concerted effort by Business Development Director Greig Schofield.

Greig said:Once we realised just how close we were to Gold level it was a no-brainer for us to put every effort into attaining that target. We encourage our team to take Microsoft Certified Professional training to learn new skills and provide a better service offering to our customers. So by achieving Gold status this is Microsoft’s recognition of our whole team’s efforts.

The Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status unlocks a number of exclusive benefits to help Conduce create even more innovative IT solutions for our customers.

Steve Russell, Conduce CEO said:I am absolutely over the moon by our achievement. This is testament to the dedication and professionalism shown by our chaps to provide the GOLD standard in everything we do!

Click here for more information about the Microsoft Certified Partner program

Contact us to find out how our new certification level can help you.

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Google has announced they are axing further development of their Google Wave product.  Google Wave was launched in May 2009 at the I/O conference, hailed as the next best thing!  It combined everything, twitter, facebook, online workspace, online collaboration and chat amonst many other features. 

The platform wasn’t the problem, it was simply down to the user uptake.  Facebook worked because somehow almost everyone you knew used it, and it became a phenomena very, very quickly!  Google Wave on the other hand was rich, oozing features that would overshadow the majority of its competitors, but once you signed up, you sat on your own waiting for someone to communicate with !  Thats not much fun is it ?

The service will remain live, says Google, although they say it may eventually come down. Google has also open sourced parts of the code and say they will create tools to let users “liberate” their data: “The central parts of the code, as well as the protocols that have driven many of Wave’s innovations, like drag-and-drop and character-by-character live typing, are already available as open source, so customers and partners can continue the innovation we began. In addition, we will work on tools so that users easily “liberate” their content from Wave.”

When BBC reporter Maggie Shiels  asked about the reasons behind the product’s demise, Schmidt (Google CEO) noted that Google liked the UI and a lot of the technology behind the product, but it simply failed to take off. “We try things,” he said. “Remember, we celebrate our failures. This is a company where it’s absolutely okay to try something that’s very hard, have it not be successful, and take the learning from that,” he continued.

A positive closing remark from google regarding the Wave, they certainly have the funds and resources to “try” such a task so they will no doubt learn from the experience.


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IntaForensics have today announced they have awarded Conduce Software the contract to provide 2nd line support and development for their world class Forensics Management System Lima.

The contract was awarded in July and came into effect on the 1st August 2010.

Lima is a product used by Police High Tech Crime and Digital Forensic Service providers.  In effect Lima is a business process, scheduling and Forensic case management tool & is one of only a few products available for this market in the world.

Lima is written in .Net C# with an MSSQL backend & comprises of several modules, including a web portal, enabling the product to be used as a desktop application or from any browser.

Andy Frowen Managing Director of IntaForensics said:
“Conduce have 10 years of .Net experience & employ a large team of C# developers.  They are based on our doorstep, so with the additional advantage of being close neighbours they are perfect to take over the support & development of Lima.”

Steve Russell CEO of the Conduce Group said:
Winning Intaforensics Lima work is a superb opportunity for Conduce. We are now supporting and developing a wide range of Software products & are looking forward to assisting Intaforensics in establishing Lima as the number one Forensics Management Tool on the planet!

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