At Conduce Consulting we have a rich pedigree in the Aerospace industry.  In our small team we have racked up over 75 years of experience in the sector.  Amongst us we have held roles as engineers, managers and service providers in a broad range of aerospace companies around the world.

With our experience we can provide a number of technology and business based services that are tailored to the aerospace industry without the lengthy spool up time required for a non-industry savvy provider.  We can talk to managers, engineers and the guys at the sharp end of the industry and immediately understand their problems and constraints.  If you are looking to maximise your technology return on investment and are in the aerospace industry then there is no-one better to talk to than Conduce Consulting.

OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer

Whether you are an EASA Part 21 approved design organisation (DOA – Subpart J) or production organisation (POA – Subpart G) the requirements for record keeping and data storage means that the demands for information systems match the requirements for advanced quality systems.

Have your information systems been keeping pace with your evolving product complexity?

At Conduce Consulting we have the know-how to turn your information systems from yesterday’s compliance tools into tomorrow’s business tools. Just as your products become more and more integrated with other aircraft systems, the requirements for information system integration are becoming a more and more of a business necessity.

MRO – Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

As an EASA Part 145 approved maintenance organisation you will understand the lengths you have to go to ensure compliance. So do we! There are many software tools to help manage your operation each with its own individual strengths and weaknesses covering every area of the standard. Our experience tells us that most of these tools provide out of the box compliance, but if you want to really maximise your return on investment there are a number of peripheral tools and skills are required. We have had many years of personal experience of squeezing MRO IT assets to gather every drop of benefit in companies all round the world. MRO is in our blood and we know best how to help you.

Solution Selection
At Conduce Consulting we are aviation system specialists, but we are proud of our “software agnostic” status. This means we are independent of any software vendor and can help you make the best, unbiased choice for your software investment. Not only do we understand the technical platform of your potential choices of software, but we intimately understand the functional requirements as well. Take a look at our Solution Selection process.

Project Management
At Conduce Consulting we have the expertise to handle huge multi-national and multi-base projects as well as the nimble agility to take on small, tightly focussed business improvement projects. Take a look at our Program & Project Services page for more information.

System Integration
To prevent duplication of data entry whilst utilising best of breed software tools in each area of your business you need to ensure the products on your information system landscape are all talking to each other. Our broad experience of system implementation in all areas of IT allows us to hook your MRO tools to your Finance, Quality, CRM, HR, Logistics and Business Intelligence tools creating one seamless information layer. Not only that but we can help extend your information services to include new areas of data capture cutting down on paper and whiteboard systems and getting rid of those dreaded peripheral spreadsheets and Access databases.

CAMO – Continued Airworthiness Management Organisations

EASA Part M is a relatively new standard. We have assisted a number of start-ups in the field of Continued Airworthiness Management set up their operations. Of course we can provide all of the usual IT services to establish and run your business, but we can also help with implementing and getting the most out of your airworthiness systems to really maximise your business potential whilst ensuring total compliance.

Airlines and Operators

Whether you are a scheduled or a charter airline, a private or special flight operator, Conduce Consulting have the solutions you need to improve your IT return on investment. Whether you are selecting an information system, expanding your information systems integration or changing your fleet we have the industry knowledge to help.

We have recently helped a number of airlines with their deployment of iPads as mobile devices for flight crew and cabin crew.

Inventory Management

In the world of aerospace supply chain management reliable, accurate and robust information systems are an absolute necessity. Add global remote locations, lean systems, 247 and AOG support into the equation and your data assets become almost as valuable as you actual inventory. Getting the right part to the right location at the right time is a given for any ERP or Logistics system, but what is the financial burden of each of your transactions and are you getting the right management information to help you make the best business decisions regarding your stock?

Conduce Consulting can help you maximise the business potential of your stock and assets by helping you get the most out of your information systems. Contact us to find out how our Business Intelligence and Decisions Support System capabilities can help your organisation turn your data assets into valuable business tools.

Aerospace Consulting

So you’ve just helped your client obtain their approval. You’ve written their expositions and had them approved by the local authority. You’ve even trained their staff. Now the client wants to know what the best laptop is for their line engineers or how to read alert service bulletins on their smart phone. You need Conduce Consulting at your side to offer the full suite of aerospace and technology capability. Our services dovetail with your own with enough overlap so we understand your client’s exact requirements without stepping on your toes.

For you own internal operations we specialise in remote working solutions, virtual & paperless office environments and system integration.