support servicesWe believe that Information Systems and Technology no longer remains in the domain of a small group of geeks and social misfits locked away in a server room or broom cupboard somewhere in the bowels of your organisation. Dynamic businesses embrace technology and integrate it with their corporate strategy.

With that thought in mind Conduce Consulting offer a number of services that might not traditionally fall under the umbrella of IT, but are essential support services for the success of your technological investment. Our business support services include:

Due Diligence & Audits

We can assist in the evaluation of and audit IT resources and capability as part of a due diligence exercise.

IT Recruitment

We are not a recruitment agency but we can assist in IT and technical staff recruitment. We can help you to prepare job specifications, we can advise on recruitment strategies and we can help with candidate selection and technical interviews.

IT Procurement

Conduce Consulting can help you with product and solution selection. We can also manage the procurement process for your investment. To find out more about our Solution Selection process click here

Business Process Management

We are expert business improvement professionals. We can offer services associated with the documentation and improvement of processes, procedures, policies, work flows and company expositions.

Regulatory Support Services

Do you need help convincing your regulator of the validity and feasibility of your vision whilst ensuring compliance? We can help. Our consultants are experienced at proving a concept or solution to auditors, authorities and surveyors in the most regulated and safety sensitive industries.