We were commissioned by Thomas Cook Airlines to design and develop a bespoke iPad data acquisition app for their flight crew. Dozens of types of paper forms may be filled out by pilots on every single flight depending on incidents and occurrences that occur on that sector. Thomas Cook wanted to fill in these forms on a simple to use iPad app thereby replacing the paper forms and the convoluted process of getting that data back to base and entered onto centralised systems.


The new app allows the user to capture all data whilst in the air and then send that data back to base once the aircraft is on the ground. The app has helped to improve productivity of pilots and safety management staff and to enhance safety data quality and allow prompt actions for safety occurrences.

The app provides a simple springboard for the available forms. We designed the app to be highly consumerised and intuitive to use with little to no training. This has resulted in a high degree of user adoption. We have since modified our data acquisition application framework for other purposes and have developed a simple app for capturing Cabin Defects on board commercial aircraft. As well as text, we allow the capture and transmission of images taken by the iPad’s camera.


Our application framework allows us to rapidly develop bespoke applications for paper form replacement and integrate with your central systems. Our applications are ideal for use cases where there is a requirement to capture data or to complete forms whilst offline and then synchronise that data with central system once communications have been established. Our applications have been tried and tested in the aviation sector and may form part of an approved EFB or on devices used by pilots, cabin crew, dispatchers and engineers.