data servicesMost organisations have invested huge amounts of time and money into their data assets. Management Information Systems often contain data going back to the birth of the company or business activity. Employees spend thousands of man hours per year entering and maintaining that data. But how many organisations are realising the true potential of that data? At Conduce Consulting we are experts at helping organisations convert data into tools that empower users to make informed business decisions. Our data services include:

Business Intelligence (BI)

BI technology provides historical, current and predictive views of operational business. BI tools tend to include reports, dashboards, scorecards and other data mining applications.

Decision Support Systems (DSS)

DSS tools are information systems that support business decision making. Properly designed they are interactive and allow users to build “what if” scenarios for problem solving.

Data Analytics

Analytics is the development of understanding into organisational performance by using available data. Whereas BI tends to follow a consistent set of metrics, Analytics uses iterative and flexible methods to discover solutions for business challenges and problems.

Data Transformation & Conditioning

This includes the modification of data assets to suit new or enhanced business processes.

Data Migration

The transfer of data between systems, formats or storage mechanisms.

Data Warehousing

The storage of data to facilitate analysis, reporting and migration.