mobile strategy

“Everybody want iPads, but nobody knows what to do with them”

That’s what we hear all the time from our customers. The latest mobile technologies are desireable, sexy and make for compelling business cases. However most companies have little idea how to take that vision of workers equipped with iPads and smart phones, through a business case and realising a return on their investment.

At Conduce Consulting we are experts at all aspects of the latest mobile technologies, from building business processes and use cases around an app portfolio through to deployment, security and regulatory approval. We can advise on device selection, software selection, app development, mobile device management and keeping your systems secure. Whether you want to use iPads, iPhones, Android or something else we can help you.

We’ve helped airlines, software vendors and companies big and small bring their visions of mobile technologies to life. Get in touch to find out how we can help you bring your business into a new era of mobility.