At Conduce Consulting we have many years of experience designing, producing and implementing integrated software solutions.  We pride ourselves on our independence when it comes to software applications and we describe ourselves as “Software Agnostic”.  This means we are not aligned to any particular solution or vendor, although we are expert in many.

We have the full capability of implementing, configuring and integrating Management Information Systems and project managing that process from start to finish.  Our independance allows us to integrate and co-ordinate the unique solution that you have chosen often working with several best of breeds in one seamless project and resulting user interface. Our experience of application implementation and integration extends to the following Management Information Systems:

  • ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning
  • FMS – Financial Management Systems
  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management
  • QMS – Quality Management Systems
  • DMS / CMS – Document & Content Management Systems
  • HR / T&A – Human Resources and Time & Attendance systems

We understand the subtle nuances and requirements that make each industry unique.  Each industry has their own set of software applications that are tailored to its needs.  We have expertise in working with the following sector specific applications:

  • Aviation – MRO, CAMO, SMS, Flight Ops, Complex Asset Management
  • Software Development – Issue Tracking Systems, Source Control
  • Health & Life Sciences – Case Management, R&D, PLM, Manufacturing
  • Energy Oil & Gas – Decision Support Systems, Hazard Assessment