YBoard for iPad allows you to organise sticky notes on your iPad as you would do on a white board, on a wall, or your fridge or on any other large flat white things. Use YBoard to make notes, lists, plan stuff or just to make pretty patterns. Is it a project planning tool? Is it a to-do list? Can you make art with it? We hope you will use it for all of those things and more.


•    Add, move and delete sticky notes
•    Add and edit text to your sticky notes
•    Use different colour sticky notes
•    Pan and zoom around the board
•    Version 2 now allows you to save multiple boards
•    That’s it – its dead simple!

How to use YBoard:

We use an intuitive, gesture based UI, so there is hardly any clutter or complexity with our app. You simply swipe down with one finger to add a note. Tap the note to add or edit text. Use one finger to move sticky notes around the board and swipe up on a note to delete it. Pinch two fingers to zoom in and out and swipe with two fingers to pan around the board. Swipe left to save your board and to access the multiple boards Room screen.
Watch out for new features coming soon.

Version 2 is now available for download on the iTunes App Store

Keep up to date with the latest goings on with YBoard and share user tips and creations on our YBoard Facebook fan page