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conduce logoRusada & Conduce form Strategic Partnership on Paperless Technologies

Rusada has agreed a strategic partnership with mobile solutions specialist Conduce, at the Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference in Amsterdam.

The partnership will see us join forces on projects requiring both a maintenance software solution and an eTechLog solution. Rusada and Conduce have previously worked together on a number of projects, including our current joint deployment at cargo operator Texel Air. The partnership agreed in Amsterdam, which included the signing of an ‘e-contract’ on a mobile device, formalizes the company’s working relationship, and sets targets for future joint projects. 

Hayley Russell, Operations Director at Conduce (L) & Richard Landsbury Sales Director at Rusada (R)

“A key aim of this partnership is to make the transition to paperless processes more accessible and affordable for aircraft operators around the globe” states Sales Director, Richard Landsbury. “The combination of our two systems allows users to conduct much of their operations without using a single sheet of paper.”

The paperless processes in question are achieved by connecting our ENVISION solution to Conduce’s eTechlog8 through a Representational State Transfer (REST) application programming interface, which allows for the seamless transmission of data between the two, in real time. 

A typical scenario would see ENVISION scheduling the flight and assigning it to an aircraft. This information would then be transmitted to eTechlog8, where the line maintenance team would perform pre-flight checks using a mobile device, before transferring responsibility of the aircraft to the pilot. The aircraft would then fly the sector, with the pilot completing the journey log and recording any defects before handing back to the line maintenance team. Journey logs would then be transmitted to ENVISION to be recorded against the aircraft and its components, along with any defects. Corrective maintenance could then be planned, executed, and signed-off using ENVISION and its apps.    

“The Conduce mobile aviation solutions have been developed to allow for easy data transfer across multiple airline engineering and flight operations systems.” adds Paul Boyd, Managing Director at Conduce. “Strategic partnerships such as this enable airlines to select the best of breed applications across their business. The systems integration with Rusada’s ENVISION will provide customers with the real time operational and maintenance status of their fleets wherever their location.”

About Rusada

Rusada is a leading provider of aviation software with over 35 years of experience in the industry. Its ENVISION software manages over 2,000 fixed and rotary wing aircraft for 150 operators, maintainers, and manufacturers in 50+ countries. With its headquarters in Switzerland and offices in the USA, Canada, UK, UAE, India, Singapore, and Australia, Rusada provides global support for a global industry.

Specialising in the management of airworthiness, maintenance, and flight operations, ENVISION is developed solely for aviation. Its modern, web-based platform features a suite of integrated modules, enhanced by a series of native mobile apps. ENVISION’s easy-to-use interface provides users with clear, actionable information, enabling processes to be carried out quickly and efficiently, and all without the need for paper or spreadsheets.

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About Conduce

With offices in the UK and Australia, Conduce provide robust mobile solutions for the world’s airlines.  eTechLog8 is the world’s leading ELB solution to replace paper technical logbooks. eTechLog8 is fully certified for use by 30+ AOC operators and fully integrated with the leading MIS/MRO back-office airline systems.

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