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Whilst eTechLog8 is available on Windows, iOS and Android, all Conduce customers to date have chosen to run eTechLog8 on the now ubiquitous Panasonic FZG1 ToughPad.

Conduce supply eTechLog8 windows devices with Windows 10 Enterprise Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) installed, which has a lot of benefits for an ELB solution, but most importantly it does not force OS feature updates. Windows LTSC is designed for fixed-purpose devices that should not be updated (e.g. ATMs).

LTSC also enables the device to be completely locked down. Utilities and apps are removed, and internet browsing is disabled.

When a carry on device such as an ELB is installed on an aircraft it should be supported for 3-5 years; LTSC enables Conduce to provide this assurance.

However, Conduce are developing eTechLog8 and the companion apps on a daily basis, and airlines desire and request new features all the time.

Therefore, Conduce has developed a unique, seamless, remote update process for eTechLog8 application software that does not affect the device usability. The only difference noted by the user in the field is that the new feature appears after the update. The video below shows the remote software update procedure in more detail.

To our knowledge, this update process is unique in the aviation world. Essentially an aircraft avionics device is being automatically updated in the field, without any intervention by an engineer. It is a powerful tool and enables eTechLog8 and its companion apps to stay up to date with the newest features as they become available.