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The recommended platform for eTechLog8 is the now ubiquitous Panasonic FZG1-4 ToughPad.

Conduce supply these devices with Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB installed, which is the unique version of Win 10 from Microsoft that does not force updates to be installed. Windows LTSB is explicitly designed for devices that should not be updated, for example Cash Point machines.

The design intention is that when a device is installed on an aircraft, it will not require any hardware or operating system update for 3-5 years minimum. However eTechLog8 software is totally different .

Conduce are developing eTechLog8 and the companion apps on a daily basis, and airlines desire and request new features all the time.

For this reason Conduce have developed a seamless application update process, that is intended to be totally benign to the user and the only difference noted in the field is the new feature becomes apparent after the update.

The process is shown in the video below:


To Conduce knowledge this update process is unique in the aviation world. Essentially an aircraft avionics device is being automatically updated in the field, without any intervention by an engineer. It is a powerful tool and enables eTechLog8 and its companion apps to stay up to date with the newest features as they become available.

Known Issues

  • In extremely rare circumstances, the Windows 10 on-screen keyboard can become unresponsive. Conduce estimate this can happen on average once every 3 months for a device. Most users have never observed the problem, and indeed most Conduce staff have never had the problem. It is fixed simply by ‘Hard Re-Booting’ the device. Find a video demonstration of how to perform a hard re-boot here.