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The aircraft TLP is an Airline Approved form. As such, its design and use must be explicitly approved by the airline Quality Department. As it is such an important form, the format and use is usually also approved by the local National Aviation Authority (NAA).

The TLP contains legally binding signatures made by pilots and engineers. In the paper world the TLP is generally a multi-copy document book. Coloured copies of the completed TLP’s are routinely distributed to various departments within the airline. An example of a completed paper TLP can be seen below.

Illegible handwriting, missing text and errors are common. eTechLog8 eliminates handwriting and, through data validation, ensures all mandatory content is entered and is forced to be within prescribed parameters.

eTechLog8 is designed to be totally paperless. However, if a paper copy is requested (for leasing companies or other commercial reasons) then a PDF can be generated and printed as per the example below.

The TLP is also printed in this format when using the on-board Printer and Charging Kit.

There are many stake holders in the TLP process, so making changes to this form is always challenging. For the same reasons, implementing eTechLog8 is a complex project that requires co-operation between several airline departments and ultimately has to be approved by the relevant authority (NAA).

“Fully Approved” Certification is achieved by the eventual issuing of a Letter of No Objection by the NAA to the Airline, allowing the airline to cease to be required to complete paper TLP’s, and, by inference, use only eTechLog8.

Guidelines are published by EASA and the FAA on obtaining certification; these are published in EASA AMC 20-25 and FAA AC 120-76D respectively.

Steps to achieve NAA Certification:

    • Inform the NAA prior to commencing the project and gain written approval to commence.
    • Develop a Project Plan for the NAA, that includes a timeline Gantt chart for the project.
    • Develop a Training Plan for both Pilots and Engineers and submit for approval by the NAA.
    • Carry out a Risk Assessment for the project and review it with the NAA.
    • Create Pilot and Engineering Procedures for use of eTechLog8 and present these for approval by the NAA.
    • Once eTechLog8 has been configured and approved for use by Line Maintenance and Operations it is necessary to carry out a required period of trialling, with the system being used in parallel to the approved paper system, both in the cockpit and on the Line.
    • On satisfactory completion of the trials, application can then be made to the NAA for a Letter of No Objection to cease to use the paper system, except as an emergency backup.

Conduce have a large amount of experience in assisting airlines to achieve NAA Approved status for eTechLog8. Below is a summary of the NAA’s that have been presented with eTechLog8 and the approval status: