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The aircraft Minimum Equipment List (MEL) is a revision controlled document that is used by both pilots and engineers to evaluate aircraft faults and whether they can be deferred or not.

When defects are allowed to be deferred, In Accordance With (IAW) the MEL, there are often operations or engineering limitations prescribed.

A sample MEL item for an A330 is shown below.

eTechLog8 has comprehensive support for the MEL metadata content and document access via eDoc8.

As new MEL revisions are published by the airline, the metadata for the MEL is extracted (Tabular data for MEL code, description, limitations and all associated codes) and imported into eCentral8 and then as a revision controlled process this data is communicated to the eTechLog8 devices in the field.

At the same time a PDF or XML copy of the new readable version of the revision of the MEL is transmitted to the devices in the field in an orderly and recorded manner.

This enables full compliance with the National Aviation Authority (NAA), with regards to document control for the MEL. The combination of eTechLog8 and eCentral8 enables a transparent view of all controlled documents in use on eTechLog8 devices within the fleet and their current revision status.