mobile strategyiOS is Apple’s mobile operating system used on the iPad, the iPhone and iPod Touch. In the last 2 years we have seen an explosion in the demand for development of bespoke apps for these devices. Conduce Software is a proven third party developer of apps for the iPad and iPhone. We have delivered enterprise level apps for commercial clients and have published general apps through Apple’s iTunes App Store.

As well as development we are able to help you devise strategies for the lifecyle of your iOS software. We can help with application design, user interface and user experience design. We can also assist with your application development road map to help you gain the best return on investment for your apps. Take a look at some of our iOS development projects.

YBoard for iPad
Fatigue Survey for iPad
Bespoke Data Acquisition Apps for iPad


We specialise in producing custom and niche software. We are expert at developing new software from scratch and in building small add-ins for existing applications. We are adaptable to almost any platform, but have dedicated skills in development for MS .Net, Android and iOS. We have recently developed applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, web applications and Windows applications that are standalone or part of a broader software environment.

Whether you need enterprise level bespoke software to support critical business functions or have a small requirement to fill the needs that your existing software cannot, then we can help.


YBoard for iPad allows you to organise sticky notes on your iPad as you would do on a white board, on a wall, or your fridge or on any other large flat white things. Use YBoard to make notes, lists, plan stuff or just to make pretty patterns. Is it a project planning tool? Is it a to-do list? Can you make art with it? We hope you will use it for all of those things and more.


•    Add, move and delete sticky notes
•    Add and edit text to your sticky notes
•    Use different colour sticky notes
•    Pan and zoom around the board
•    Version 2 now allows you to save multiple boards
•    That’s it – its dead simple!

How to use YBoard:

We use an intuitive, gesture based UI, so there is hardly any clutter or complexity with our app. You simply swipe down with one finger to add a note. Tap the note to add or edit text. Use one finger to move sticky notes around the board and swipe up on a note to delete it. Pinch two fingers to zoom in and out and swipe with two fingers to pan around the board. Swipe left to save your board and to access the multiple boards Room screen.
Watch out for new features coming soon.

Version 2 is now available for download on the iTunes App Store

Keep up to date with the latest goings on with YBoard and share user tips and creations on our YBoard Facebook fan page


Fatigue Survey is designed to be used by aircraft flight crew and cabin crew managers to record the current level of fatigue. These reports are captured anonymously and can be emailed back to base for further analysis. Fatigue Survey is the latest application in the Conduce Software Fatigue Reporting suite of Fatigue Risk Managment applications.

Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.

For support enquiries regarding Fatigue Survey please email

You can download Fatigue Survey for iPad here

We were commissioned by Thomas Cook Airlines to design and develop a bespoke iPad data acquisition app for their flight crew. Dozens of types of paper forms may be filled out by pilots on every single flight depending on incidents and occurrences that occur on that sector. Thomas Cook wanted to fill in these forms on a simple to use iPad app thereby replacing the paper forms and the convoluted process of getting that data back to base and entered onto centralised systems.


The new app allows the user to capture all data whilst in the air and then send that data back to base once the aircraft is on the ground. The app has helped to improve productivity of pilots and safety management staff and to enhance safety data quality and allow prompt actions for safety occurrences.

The app provides a simple springboard for the available forms. We designed the app to be highly consumerised and intuitive to use with little to no training. This has resulted in a high degree of user adoption. We have since modified our data acquisition application framework for other purposes and have developed a simple app for capturing Cabin Defects on board commercial aircraft. As well as text, we allow the capture and transmission of images taken by the iPad’s camera.


Our application framework allows us to rapidly develop bespoke applications for paper form replacement and integrate with your central systems. Our applications are ideal for use cases where there is a requirement to capture data or to complete forms whilst offline and then synchronise that data with central system once communications have been established. Our applications have been tried and tested in the aviation sector and may form part of an approved EFB or on devices used by pilots, cabin crew, dispatchers and engineers.

data servicesMost organisations have invested huge amounts of time and money into their data assets. Management Information Systems often contain data going back to the birth of the company or business activity. Employees spend thousands of man hours per year entering and maintaining that data. But how many organisations are realising the true potential of that data? At Conduce Consulting we are experts at helping organisations convert data into tools that empower users to make informed business decisions. Our data services include:

Business Intelligence (BI)

BI technology provides historical, current and predictive views of operational business. BI tools tend to include reports, dashboards, scorecards and other data mining applications.

Decision Support Systems (DSS)

DSS tools are information systems that support business decision making. Properly designed they are interactive and allow users to build “what if” scenarios for problem solving.

Data Analytics

Analytics is the development of understanding into organisational performance by using available data. Whereas BI tends to follow a consistent set of metrics, Analytics uses iterative and flexible methods to discover solutions for business challenges and problems.

Data Transformation & Conditioning

This includes the modification of data assets to suit new or enhanced business processes.

Data Migration

The transfer of data between systems, formats or storage mechanisms.

Data Warehousing

The storage of data to facilitate analysis, reporting and migration.

enterprise architectureEnterprise Architecture lies at the very heart of the ethos of Conduce Consulting.  We believe that in order to prepare an organisation to most effectively and efficiently pursue its purpose one must take a holistic view of business processes and IT infrastructure and align them with the organisation’s corporate goals and objectives.  All too often organisations see IT as a minor tool in the workings of a business and there is no direct involvement of IT staff in the development of policies that direct the use of information management within the enterprise.  Perhaps this explains why so many IT projects and strategies fail to achieve their expected benefits.

Enterprise Architecture applies a series of systematic tools and methods to optimise the use of information technology through an understanding of evolving business needs and technology capabilities.  At Conduce Consulting our skills and experience allow us to provide rational and compelling advise to business regarding information technology and systems investment.

support servicesWe believe that Information Systems and Technology no longer remains in the domain of a small group of geeks and social misfits locked away in a server room or broom cupboard somewhere in the bowels of your organisation. Dynamic businesses embrace technology and integrate it with their corporate strategy.

With that thought in mind Conduce Consulting offer a number of services that might not traditionally fall under the umbrella of IT, but are essential support services for the success of your technological investment. Our business support services include:

Due Diligence & Audits

We can assist in the evaluation of and audit IT resources and capability as part of a due diligence exercise.

IT Recruitment

We are not a recruitment agency but we can assist in IT and technical staff recruitment. We can help you to prepare job specifications, we can advise on recruitment strategies and we can help with candidate selection and technical interviews.

IT Procurement

Conduce Consulting can help you with product and solution selection. We can also manage the procurement process for your investment. To find out more about our Solution Selection process click here

Business Process Management

We are expert business improvement professionals. We can offer services associated with the documentation and improvement of processes, procedures, policies, work flows and company expositions.

Regulatory Support Services

Do you need help convincing your regulator of the validity and feasibility of your vision whilst ensuring compliance? We can help. Our consultants are experienced at proving a concept or solution to auditors, authorities and surveyors in the most regulated and safety sensitive industries.

project managementIs your organistaion planning a technology project? Let us manage it for you. Our background and experience allows us to handle any project from small implementation projects to huge multi-national programs spanning multiple disciplines. We offer cradle to grave project management services from solution selection and scoping to client delivery and even project recovery. Our services encompass a number of project specific disciplines including:

Project Management
 – the day to day running of your project
Program Management – managing a number of inter-related projects
Project Initiation & Scoping – essential tasks for project start-up
Project Audit – an independent assessment of your project status
Project Recovery – putting a failing project back on trackWe firmly believe that projects need to be structured, planned and controlled in a teachable and repeatable manner.  We are agile and flexible enough to operate in a way to best suit your project’s needs and your own requirements.  Our Project Managers are PRINCE2 Certified Practitioners and we are happy for you to interview our team members so you can be confident in our suitability for your organisation.


So you’ve got a website: now what?

Just having a presence on the web is no guarantee you will receive any return on your investment. Search Engine Optimisation professionals will tell you that the job of keeping your website at the top of Google’s search rankings is a never ending job. But we believe that succesful web content needs far more than just SEO. We believe that in order to boost your web presence it is much better to produce well written and well designed content that is circulated on its own merits rather than trying to outsmart the Google search algorithms.

We have carried out highly successful web, social media and multi media campaigns for our clients to boost their web presence, spread the word about their products and services and make better use of web related technologies. We can help with the set up and design of your website, help you better plan what you want to achieve from your web campaign. We can help you prepare and write your content. We can help with web media, such as presentations, social media pages and rich media content. We can even help devise how you want to spread your message via mobile sites and apps.

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